Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Plans

I love to have a bath... I take a book and pour out some of my favourite bubble bath and spend an hour just soaking. Unfortunately, the house we've been living in for almost 7 years has a tiny tub and I really don't fit. I know this is a little TMI, but this is how I stretch out (and no, I won't be taking my iPhone in the tub any more, the Telus kiosk guy told me that it can get condensation even in the Ziploc baggie, sheesh... how am I supposed to read my Kobo i-books in the tub now?). 

So we've decided to renovate the bathroom this year, since the kitchen reno went so amazingly well last year. The original goal was to install our beautiful claw foot tub that we bought from the folks down the road, but we were going to lose too much linen closet, plus there's a vaulted ceiling in the bathroom so hanging the shower curtain surround rod for the clawfoot would have been difficult, plus we'd have to tile the walls all around the tub, plus we're getting older and it's a big step in, and neither of us like the shower curtains wrapping around our legs as we shower (does anyone?). So, we decided to buy this tub shower instead, and install glass doors. It's the same length as our current tub, but quite a bit deeper, so I should be able to cover most of myself with water when I soak!

I want to use this needle point that my mom made and gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago as my color palette.

The flooring, I'm thinking will be green slate tiles. I like the slightly rough, or riven, look but I think it would just capture the dirt, so I'm thinking of this look, probably with a darker grout so the mildew won't show (if I ever let it get away from me... but I can't see that happening).

Today I found this photo online, of a marble bowl with the matching vanity counter top. I love the look, and want it! Our vanity cabinetry is oak, and fine, but I'm looking for a change on top.

This is what our bathroom looks like now.

Any suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome!!


  1. Make sure you lie in the tub before purchasing!! Mine has nice arm rests in it. Perfect for reading my Kindle, which I do take in the tub and so far I don't have a problem with condensation. Reading under the covers in bed however with my husband sleeping next to me does cause condensation!!! LOL

  2. lol Teresa... do you protect your kindle in any way? I put my iPhone in a Ziploc, but apparently even that's no good.

  3. Hi I just clicked over to you from reading Luna Secrets blog. We just did a bathroom redo in November and I now have a tub after years of not taking one in our 1980's home. We pretty much gutted the bathroom and we put in porcelain tile floor that has a warm green and earth tone, and also some green on the tiles around shower and tub. I will be posting photos this coming week.
    What I wanted to say now about the sink is that we took out the vanity and hubs sanded and stained it darker. Then we bought new white sinks and hardware. The most surprising this is we ended up using 4 x 4 square marble tile on the top. It turned out fantastic. The tile was less than $100 and the edge was the most expensive part--about another $75. For the big mirror which looks a lot like yours we bought wood that is about an inch wide and it has a design. Then we used spray paint in metal tones. Then framed it around the mirror. Really made it fancy. I'll be back!

  4. Ooops I mean I found your blog from Piece of Cake

    1. Hi Michele... please let me know when you post your pics. I like both of your ideas (counter top tiling and framing the mirror).